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This is my collection of stamps of Croatia. I tried to find for every stamps or series an apropriate commentary and a picture which corresponds with the subject of the stamps. If you have some comments on my texts, or some purposes of new texts or pictures, you are welcome. Likewise, every honest purposes to sell to me some philatelic supplies on Croatia which I don't have yet is also welcome!

Ustashe Croatia (french): The Independant State of Croatia was born after Nazi invaded Yougoslavia. Poglavnik Ante Pavelic has been inducted dictator of this state by Axes forces. You'll find here my stamps from 1941 to 1945. Inside also Yougoslavia Provisorio from Tito. Comments are in french language!

new2.gif (16621 octets) Pages on cenzuras, concentration camps, cancelled, locals issues of Croatia 1941-45.

new2.gif (16621 octets) Istria and Dalmatia (english): Istria is a small part of Yougoslavia hardly disputed by Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. during the 20th century, It  postal histiry is very rich, because occupation forces changed all the time, since it was included for the most part in Croatia. You may see stamps from Fiume, Arbe and Veglia, Italian occupation of Trieste and Dalmatie 1919/20, Kupa, Trieste Zone B, Istria and sloven coast.

Exil governement : Ante Pavelic and some of his ministers ran away from Europe to Argentina before to be arrest by allied. From his retreat in Argentina, then in Spain, the provisorio governement of Croatia continued to issue stamps from 1951 to 1972!

There are some other web site very interesing and you must visit them:

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Zeljko Heimer 's site :the chronology of postal authorities issuing in Croatia and Bosnia, from austrian and ottoman occupation. Very interesting.
Croatian Philatelic Society : THE site on philately in Croatia and Bosnia, with interesting articles, and good links to other interesting site.
Phil Hughes's site : specialist pages on particularities from croatian provisionnals issues in 1941